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Matilda Löytty

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I am a visual artist and graphic designer from Finland.  I also do illustrations and work as a museum educator. I  have been exhibiting and working on artistic projects and research across borders in Finland, other Nordic countries, Portugal and Namibia.


I am interested in cross-cultural discourses and the intersection of art, society and history. I  graduated with an MA degree in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education from Aalto University. My thesis, Art of the Intangible History – Negotiating the possibilities of arts-based research for learning processes in Finnish-Namibian Museums, investigated learning, cross-cultural museums, history and post-colonial theories through art as a platform.




Right from the start, planning and collaborating with Matilda was fun and straightforward. The final result was a superb and unique work, just according to wishes. It will remind us about our important moment for the rest of our lives.

         (Translated from Finnish)


​I have a BA degree in fine art, from Tampere University of Applied Science.  In addition to drawing and painting, I have been working in a  variety of artistic projects, inculding community- and environmental art.


Below you can see a selection of paintings, drawings and projects. If you are interested in ordering custom made art, don't hesitate to contact!

selected paintings 


Other artistic projects


graphic design

See the selcted works and feel free to contact and inquire more. First planning session is free of charge does not  oblige to make an order.

I have experience from book layouts, cd cover design, logos, webpage design, t-shirt prints, advertisement material (digital and for print), exhibition space design etc.

Helsinki Namibian Film Festival

Helsinki Namibian Film Festival

Poster and social media design

Teija-Liisa Ranta

Teija-Liisa Ranta

Web- and brand design for the therapist Teija-Liisa Ranta

Päivälehden museo

Päivälehden museo

Advertisement print material for Päivälehti museum.