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Matilda Löytty

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I am a visual artist and graphic designer from Finland.  I also do illustrations and work as a museum educator. I  have been exhibiting and working on artistic projects and research across borders in Finland, other Nordic countries, Portugal and Namibia.


I am interested in cross-cultural discourses and the intersection of art, society and history. I  graduated with an MA degree in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education from Aalto University. My thesis, Art of the Intangible History – Negotiating the possibilities of arts-based research for learning processes in Finnish-Namibian Museums, investigated learning, cross-cultural museums, history and post-colonial theories through art as a platform.




Right from the start, planning and collaborating with Matilda was fun and straightforward. The final result was a superb and unique work, just according to wishes. It will remind us about our important moment for the rest of our lives.

         (Translated from Finnish)


​I have a BA degree in fine art, from Tampere University of Applied Science.  In addition to drawing and painting, I have been working in a  variety of artistic projects, inculding community- and environmental art.


Below you can see a selection of paintings, drawings and projects. If you are interested in ordering custom made art, don't hesitate to contact!

selected paintings 


Other artistic projects